Pedal powered Cinema


How? You pedal a bike, drive a generator, and the “raw” electricity you produce is regulated and converted into the correct voltage. Then that electricity is used to power a state of the art LED projector to project a film on a screen up to 150 inches! We have all the equipment to put on a cinema for up to 100 people, maybe more. We can use a film on pretty much any format, laptop, DVD, USB memory stick, or we could even watch live telly!

Perhaps you want to put on an event somewhere a bit different maybe a field, a valley or a beach or even a small stage at a festival but there is no electricity. All can be done off grid, anywhere, without the use of batteries or generators, just with a bit of pedal power.

Or maybe you just want to make a point!  You can use an interactive, fun, alternative way and use bikes and the participants to power the cinema and the sound system. It will make for a memorable experience!

One of the cinema night we have done in Bristol

One of the cinema nights we have done in Bristol